KLA Concepts specializes in working with small businesses, 
entrepreneurs & non-profits providing websites, branding and consulting

  • We provide guidance with creative marketing, graphic design, branding, websites, and social media.
  • We guide you through the branding, marketing, and design process so that it is not intimidating.
  • Sharing our up-to-date research in the field, we help you maintain your visibility online.
  • With workshops, one-on-one consulting, our newsletter, blog, and special events we empower you to “do it yourself.”
  • We work on a project-by-project basis or by long-term contract.
  • Our rates are competitive and affordable. If you have a small business or are a nonprofit and need support with marketing or design, give us a call. Let us work with you develop a marketing strategy that sets you on the path to achieving your vision—whatever that might be!

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We are very pleased that we chose Kendra to re-design our website.  Our goal was to modernize our website to be more friendly to potential customers using mobile devices.  Kendra brings to the table her considerable design expertise.  She had a lot of great ideas for organizing our information, emphasizing our strengths and conveying them to the public.  She is an excellent communicator and I can highly recommend Kendra and KLA Concepts.  We made a great decision in hiring Kendra to improve our website! - Stephen Wiman, Good Water Company

Hiring Kendra was the best “next step” business decision I made in 2014.  When we began working together, my endless creative ideas were not getting translated into action steps.  Now I don’t just think about what needs to happen next. I move on things with Kendra’s expertise and guidance.  My blog writing has become consistent, my newsletter streamlined and my website has been tuned up in just the right places. Kendra’s expertise is crucial, her playfulness and lightheartedness a balm for a business owner not needing to stress the details.  Julie Claire PCC, creativity-based coach and artist, www.fullbloomcoaching.com

endra brings an incredible range of experiences to the table when we meet. From computer knowledge in general to social media and blog writing, she helps me find my momentum and helps me cut through circular thinking and overwhelm with ease. Not only is she fun to be with, she is always open to new ideas and is a great listener. Kendra repeatedly connects me to my unique creative process making it possible for me to get things done. What a gift!

Julie Claire, PCC, creativity-based coach and artist, www.fullbloomcoaching.com

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