Backing Up WordPress

Always have a backup on your WordPress website. I hate to say it but it is too easy for something to go wrong. Backups a very easy to install and there are a few free options. One of the ones I recommend is Updraft Plus. Below I will list all the steps to get it installed.

  1. Go to Plugins ADD NEW
  2. In the keyword search type in updraft. There are two select the one that looks like the below image. Click INSTALL NOW





activateAfter Activating to to SETTINGS and then UPDRAFT PLUS

In the UPDRAFT Screen click SETTINGS


Change the file backups from Manual to weekly or monthly depending on how often you update your site. automatic


Choose your REMOTE STORAGE. You can select email or Dropbox. I will be walking you through the steps for Dropbox. Before proceeding you will need to create a free Dropbox account here. In the dropdown select DROPBOX.




Scroll to the bottom of the page and select SAVE CHANGES




CLICK HERE TO AUTHENTICATE YOUR DROPBOX ACCOUNT (see below circled in red)authenticate



Sign into dropboxsignin



CLICK ALLOW. This gives your website and dropbox permission to communicate.



You should be returned to your website and see the following screen. If this is what you see then you are all set and your backups should be running!complete