Branding is the visual representation of your business. Examples of branding are: McDonalds Golden Arches or starbucks green mermaid. No matter where you go in the world McDonalds arches always look the same. They are always the same color and no matter what language McDonalds might be written in if you see those golden arches you know who it is. That is what branding is all about. My flower is part of my branding. It is all over this site, my business card, letterhead and all other business related materials. I often meet new people and they say, “your the one with the flower.” Yes i am the one with the flower. That is how I know my branding is successful, people know my logo before they even know me. What is also important is that it is all over my business materials, so when people see the flower they know it is from me.

What is your branding? If someone had your business card and went to your website would they automatically know they are in the right place? Do all your business materials look the same? Or do you have a template business card and there might be a few other people with the same one? Branding is important for so many reasons and something that you should take into effect when growing your business:

  1. Branding should be consistent through out all materials
  2. Template website and business cards mean that there are others with the same template.
  3. If your business card and website look very different people may leave your site not realizing they are in the correct place.
  4. It is important that your logo is customized to truly match what you do and who you are.
  5. Colors used in your branding create sub-conscious feelings with the viewer. Make sure the colors you choose give off the right messages. There is a entire science to the meaning of colors that should be taken into consideration.

I hope this helps you understand both what branding is and how important it is.

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