Domain Names

Watch out for Domain Scams

Have you seen this email? This is one of the biggest scams out there. The email looks legitimate, and it looks scary. And really expensive! $64 for one year of a domain!!! There are many companies out there that will send emails like this one, charging you a lot of money for a domain that…

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Fake Domain Name Renewals

At one point or another you may have received a letter in the mail looking a little bit like this or something close to it. Be aware that this is fake! Your domain may be up for renewal but it is with the company you originally purchased it often times the same as your website…

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What’s in a domain name

Domain names are basically your address on the web. It is your And it is more important then you might think. If you want a good reason why you can read this article about Guy Fieri. Guy Fieri a very popular restauranteur owns a restaurant called Guy’s American Kitchen and Bar BUT he does not…

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