WordPress Security and Usernames

WordPress security or any website security is a real issue. I have had 5 customers sites hacked this past year. There are three main reasons that hacking happens: WordPress and plugins have not been updated. Poor password Poor username Today I will focus on just the issue of poor usernames. What do I mean by…

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Backing Up WordPress

Always have a backup on your WordPress website. I hate to say it but it is too easy for something to go wrong. Backups a very easy to install and there are a few free options. One of the ones I recommend is Updraft Plus. Below I will list all the steps to get it…

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WordPress Plugin Basics

There are a few wordpress plugins that are musts with any wordpress installations. These are my favorites and I intalll them in wordpress website that I develop: Ultimate TinyMCE Ultimate TinyMCE gives your editing the look and feel of Microsoft Word. It makes it so that you do not have to do any coding, but…

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