Social Media

Privacy Policy Pages and New Online Requirements

There has been a lot happening in the online world over the last few months. There have been constant changes and new requirements through out the world. One of the big ones are the changes in the EU. Even if you are a small company located in the United States you could still be impacted…

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What is Facebook Live?

So just like everyone else, I have to do my homework and research to find out about new technology. Facebook Live is one of those new technologies. I wanted to share what I have found so that you too can try it out. So what is Facebook Live? Facebook live allows you to record yourself…

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Social Media Cheat Sheet

Facebook Image Sizes Cover photo815 px wide x 315 px tall Profile image180 px wide x 180 px tall Highlighted image1200 px wide x 717 px tall Shared image1200 px wide x 630 px tall Twitter Image Sizes Header photo1500 px wide by 500 px tall Profile image400 px wide by 400 px tall Feed photo440 px wide by 220…

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