Free Vector Images

Golden tree

Vector images are more like drawings or paintings. Typically their file name ends with .eps or .ai. This means that they can be edited with programs like Adobe Illustrator. What is fun about these type of images is that you can manipulate them to make something totally different, easily change colors or combine multiple vector images to make something new. I always make logos as vector files because they can also be resized from very small to Billboard sized without getting fuzzy.

Below is a list of places where you can get inexpensive or free vector images to use for your marketing. Make sure to check the requirements before using an image. Some of them require an attribution to the designers.

  1. Vecteezy Most of them are completely free to use, Vecteezy also offers premium graphics, which costs $14 per month in exchange for unlimited downloads.
  2. Freepik Most of their files are free to use but require attribution to the original author – unless you subscribe to their premium plan, which starts from $7.50 per month.
  3. VectorStock
  4. Vector4Free
  5. Free Vector Vectors appear by category, and each of them includes related keywords and details about the type of license they fall under.
  6. Vector Portal
  7. 1001 Free Downloads
  8. Freedesignfile
  10. Art Icons
  11. Vector Open Stock
  12. 123 FreeVectors
  13. Public Domain Vectors
  14. Free Vector Archive
  15. Pixabay
  16. DryIcons You can purchase Regular or Extended licenses, given the proper attribution all graphics are free to use.
  18. StockUnlimited
  19. Free-Vectors
  20. All-free-download The site also offers you options to either purchase a commercial license for any vector, or donate money directly to its authors.
  21.  Vector EPS
  22. Pixeden
  23. Vectorish
  24. Spread
  25. Free Vector Maps
  26. Vectors4All

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