Frustrated By Tech

Technology makes our lives so much easier and so much harder at the same time. For those of you who grew up with technology it can be easier, but for those of you that technology is new there are many additional struggles. Setting up the social media account can be a frustrating endeavor. The steps can be unclear and sometimes even when you follow them things don't turn out the way you expect. Forget contacting the social media platforms directly, it could be a week to respond, if they respond at all! There are times they fix the issue but don't let you know and others when they just ignore you all together.

What's the secret to get through it all?


That's it, nothing special. I often recommend walking away and taking a break.

Some of the most common issues I have seen when setting up a social media profile....

  1. Forgetting to write down the password you use to set up the account.
  2. Misspelling your email address.
  3. Getting assigned a username you don't like.
    1. Don't worry this you can fix later. Even Facebook allows you to change the name once.
  4. Thinking the step up didn't work and ending up with multiple accounts.
    1. This goes back to that walking away and checking later.
  5. Making too many changes to the account as soon as you set it up.
    1. The social media companies could mark you as spam and freeze you out of your account.

So slow down, have patience, walk away if you need too.

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