The importance of _blank

There are some simple things that can make all the difference the performance of your website. If you have a website there is a really good chance that you link to other website, articles, stores, or a social media page. There is also a good chance that when someone clicks on that link they are leaving your site and never come back. There are two ways to create links away from your site the traditional link(_self) and _blank. Often when you make a link on your website you don’t even think about anything other then getting the link set up, but it is important to make sure you select the _blank when you create the link. If you create a link and do not select _blank then it is automatically the traditional link that when selected removes a potential customer away from your site. The target=”_blank”¬†feature opens the link in a new tab or window. That way the page on your site that the link is on remains open so that it is easy for someone to go back to your site. There is a very good chance is someone clicks on the link and leaves your site, they will not return. If you are working in wordpress it is as simple as clicking, “open in new window.”¬†

Sometimes something simple can make all the difference to sales, why not make it?

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