Proper marketing allows your business to grow. It works best when a marketing campaign is based on research and investigation of demographics. There are many rumors flying out there on the "best" marketing practices, but that is what they are rumors. We will create a campaign based on research, demographics, branding, and design, all within a budget.

Social Media

Social Media is an important aspect of any marketing and PR campaign. As there are many things to do with social media, there are also many things not to do. We can help you avoid social media downfalls and find the best strategies to develop a relationship with your customers.

We set up social media accounts, teach you how to properly use them, and manage your accounts if ever needed. It takes more then just opening an account on twitter and facebook to reach customers. Follow us on twitter and facebook to find out more.


There are many aspects of writing that are necessary for marketing and promotion, these include editorial and advertorial writing, as well as press releases. Each has a different purpose and it is important not to confuse one with the other.

We can write press releases, web content, print content, articles, editorials, and advertorials. We can also help edit and improve any current copy that you have.