Networking – Just Showing Up Isn’t Enough

There are really some amazing networking groups here in Santa Fe. Over the last few months I have met some really amazing people that have improved my life and business for the better. I encourage everyone to join at least one. But one thing that I have realized in these last few months is that the first step is showing up, BUT that is not enough. There are many people who show up to networking events that expect work just to fall into their laps. They are not willing to give work or give people a good reason to work with them. First of all, networking is about a give and take relationship. Those who give referrals will receive. Secondly you have to give people a reason to work with you. If they meet 30 people that night they also meet you, you need to make sure you stand out. Where you open? Kind? excited to share? The people that I often call or email the next day were excited when they talked about what they do. Their was a glow about them. It made me happy and excited just to hear about it. Also those people that share little tips about their field of expertise. I met an IT guy who warned me of what computer viruses to look out for over the next two week. (Thank you Martin Dryden of Computer Help Now- Watch out for any links, emails, videos about Michael Jackson) That little tid bit let me know that he knows what he is doing and cares about the people he works with. If he didn’t, we wouldn’t have warned his customers, but rather let them get the viruses, because he will make money on fixing the computers later. It is important that you do more then just show up to networking events. Show people how you are excited about what you do and really know what you are doing. Showing excitement and sharing who you are will allow people to get a better glimpse of the experience they will have with your business.

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