Not so free stock photos, why Getty is coming after you

Have you received a letter like this recently?

Gettyimages® has been going after people lately for using images that they have not paid for. You could potentially face a really big fine or legal ramifications for using images from them without paying.


They have an entire legal team that searches the internet looking for people who are illegally using their images.

Did you know that you cannot take an image off Google and use it on your website or Facebook?

Just because you can right click on an image it does not mean you should. The images in Google when you do an image search, are from all over the internet. Those images belong to companies, photographers and designers from all over the world. Sometimes they will have watermarks, but they don't always. That does not mean you can use them.

If you need images for your website, Facebook or blog posts, please get them legal. Below are some resources that could help.

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