Search Engine Optimization Scams

Exclamation-256Good search engine optimization(SEO) is something that everyone with a website strives. Google is always changing the rules which makes it even harder to get a grip on it. SEO can be something of a mystery and that is why it is so easy to become scammed by some company making promises to get you to the top of google and optimize your website. I have had customers tell me that Google called them making promises of Top Search Engine Ranking. Unfortunately, Google does not call anyone and they definitely don’t help with anyones rankings.

There are some good reputable companies out there that can help you increase your google ranking. Make sure to do research before hiring any company.

  • The first thing to know is the one size does not fit all. What works for one website may not work for your site. What you need will depend on what you have done in the past, how your site was built and lastly what type of website you have (e.g. selling products, education, blog).
  • Another important note is any company that promises a 400 word article and blog post might actually do your site more harm them good. Many of these companies have a few hundred websites that they manage and they post the articles and blogs on their own sites. The sites are considered link farms from google and so links from those sites will lower your ranking. Link farms were penalized in the Panda and Penguin update from Google.
  • Watch out for promises of 100 of backlinks.
  • Meta Keywords are no longer necessary. Do not Keyword Stuff! This mean shoving a whole bunch of keywords that kind of represent your website into the code. I see websites that have 25-50 keywords hidden in the code, these hurt more then help.
  • Avoid any company promising rankings within short periods of time. You can never guarantee ranking.
  • Companies that send you unsolicited emails should be avoided.
  • Make sure to do your homework and you can get a SEO company that can help improve the rankings on your site.


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