Small Business Networking In Santa Fe

Networking is one of the best ways to grow a small business in Santa Fe. I have continued to grow my business year after year with networking and referrals. Here is a partial list of networking organizations in Santa Fe. Each offers different activities and some charge fees for membership. I recommend trying out a few until you find one or more that suit you.

  1. Santa Fe Professional and Business Women
  2. Santa Fe Chamber of Commerce -You can attend these meetings as a nonmember, but the fees are higher. The Chamber offers monthly breakfasts and after-hours events.
  3. Santa Fe Business Incubator -The Business Incubator offers both office space and business support, including a variety of workshops. Small businesses often rent space to hold workshops and events.
  4. Santa Fe Hispanic Chamber
  5. Santa Fe Software Developers
  6. Start Up Santa Fe
  7. WESST - This is one of my favorite organizations in town. They offer one-on-one support, events, workshops, and trainings to small business owners. They focus on women-owned businesses.
  8. Women of Santa Fe Networking Group -I am an organizer for this group, which meets monthly for brunch at the Inn of Santa Fe.
  9. MAKE Santa Fe
  10. National Association of Women Business Owners -Most of the members are in Albuquerque, but a small group meets monthly in Santa Fe.
  11. MIX -This group meets monthly. I find that its demographics are different than those of other groups in town. It has many younger members.
  12. Friday Networking Lunch -I have been a member of this group for almost six years. There are around 200 members, but the arrangement is different than with typical networking groups. Every week you meet with a small group of four to six people at a different restaurant. 
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