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The social media classes will be continuing at Santa Fe Community College although there are some changes. I am still teaching 4 classes but rather than 4 consecutive classes running one month each during a semester, they have been broken up into 2 semesters. Each class will be 8 weeks longs. This Spring 2019 semester: Intro to Social Media Basics (MART 111) will begin January 22nd and Social Media Basics (MART 115) beginning March 25th. Fall 2019 all four classes will run so that those that take MART 111 & MART 115 can complete their certificate by December 2019 and those that are just starting can complete their certificate can begin in Fall 2019 and finish in May 2020. Going forward there will be 2 classes per semester.

The changes were made to make it easier, as the courses have a lot of course work and students were requesting more time. Each course will be about 40 hours including class time and homework.

I prefer that all students take the courses in order. I occasionally make exceptions but sometimes students find they are missing information from the earlier classes.

Below you can find comments from the college, basic course descriptions and my list of topics that will be covered during each course.

Remember the classes are all online.

Description From SFCC

Register now for a series of classes that begin in January

For continuing education credits call Maria Montoya (505) 428-1734 or take your classes through Media Arts program.

MART 111 Intro to Social Media Basics
MART 115 Social Media Basics
MART 201 Applying Social Media Techniques I
MART 202 Applying Social Media Techniques II

Course Descriptions

Introduction to Social Media Basics

introduction to the basics of Facebook, Twitter, lnstagram. Linkedln, and Pinterest. Topics include audience, purpose, demographics, image creation in Canvas and Pic Monkey, obtaining and using stock images. Review of successful social media campaigns and evaluation tools available and management tools such as Hootsuite, Sproutsocial, Buffer, and Facebook scheduling. Offered: Online
Tuesday, Jan. 16, 4 wks., Web Course #CPW406 01/CRN 31374, Kendra Ratcliffe-Arnold, Fee $99 (for continuing ed)

Social Media Basics

Develop your skills using the social media platforms of Facebook, Twitter, lnstagram, Linkedln, and Pinterest and introduces blogging. Topics include successful social media campaigning. optimum scheduling. third-party scheduling, advertising, boost posting, Google analytics and social media integration with websites. Create and utilize a WordPress site. Offered: Online
Monday, Feb. 12, 4 wks., Web Course #CPW407 01/CRN 31375, Kendra Ratcliffe-Arnold, Fee $99 (for continuing ed)

Applying Social Media Techniques I

Manage personal and business social media platforms and design campaigns that consider demographics, analytics, and efficiency. Prepare for industry recognized exams that lest your skills for the job market. Offered: Online
Monday, Mar. 5, 4 wks., Web Course #CPW408 01/CRN 31379, Kendra Ratcliffe-Arnold, Fee $99 (for continuing ed)

Applying Social Media Techniques II

A capstone. course in social media techniques. Create professional business social media platforms and design campaigns that consider demographics. analytics and efficiency. Build a professional portfolio lo pre.pare for the job market. Offered: Online
Wednesday, Apr. 4, 4 wks., Web Course IICPW409 01 /CRN 31380,  $99 (for continuing ed)

Course Topics

These topics are approximate and may be in a different order. Each topic will be about an hour long. Each class will also have homework required. There is a quiz mid-way and a final test with each class. Introduction to Social Media Basics (MART 111)

  1. Introduction to social media.
    1. Basics of social media
    2. Why social media is important
    3. How it can be used
  2. Why business should be using it
  3. Branding
  4. Legalities of images, content, etc
  5. Sizes of content
  6. Demographics
  7. Stock Images
  8. Canva
  9. Picmonkey
  10. Intro to Facebook
  11. Intro to twitter
  12. Intro to linkedin
  13. Intro to Instagram
  14. Intro to Pinterest
  15. Intro to blogging
    1. Set up wordpress blog
    2. customize
  16. Success, campaigns
  17. Evaluation tools
  18. Hootsuite
  19. Sproutsocial
  20. Buffer

Social Media Basics (MART 115)  

  1. Intro video on what we will be covering in this class What is a social media campaign
  2. How is a campaign successful
  3. Target Market
  4. Scheduling
    1. Optimum scheduling times
    2. How to schedule
    3. Spend more time on scheduling tools
  5. Intermediate facebook
  6. Facebook advanced
    1. Ads
    2. Promoted posts
    3. Long term management
    4. Facebook Live
    5. Twitter advanced
      1. Ads
      2. Long term management
      3. Evaluation
  7. Instagram
  8. Linkedin company page
  9. Pinterest
  10. Video
  11. On-going blogging
  12. Google Analytics
  13. Social Media integration with websites WordPress

Applying Social Media Techniques I (MART 201)

  1. On-going management of social media
  2. Further discussion of target markets
  3. On-going social posts to be completed by student
  4. Photoshop
  5. Advanced discussion of websites
  6. How it all works together
  7. Advanced google analytics
  8. Google Keyword Tool
  9. SEO
  10. Hashtags
  11. Planning and research
  12. Goals and objectives
  13. Planning and budgets

Applying Social Media Techniques II (MART 202)

  1. Find an internship
  2. On going blogging and social media posts
  3. When things go bad
  4. Negative feedback
  5. Content curation
  6. SEO – keyword research to determine what to post
  7. Building and writing content and how it differs per platform
  8. ROI – can it be determined and how Benchmarks
  9. New technology
  10. How things change and evolve
  11. Other platforms not discussed yet.
  12. Youtube
  13. Google plus
  14. Snapchat

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