What is Facebook Live?

So just like everyone else, I have to do my homework and research to find out about new technology. Facebook Live is one of those new technologies. I wanted to share what I have found so that you too can try it out.

So what is Facebook Live?

Facebook live allows you to record yourself and have it stream live to your followers. It is not like Skype, your followers do not respond by video, but they can repond in comments and you can respond to those comments and answer their questions by video.

After your live steaming is over the video will be published to the Page or profile so that followers who missed it can watch it later. You can remove the video post at any time, just like any other post.


Facebook Live is available to all pages and profiles. So whether you have a personal page or a business page you can use Facebook Live.

Just note that right now Facebook Live is only available on a Mobile Devices. It is not yet released to all Desktops yet, but it is in the works.


As far as ranking goes, they say that the live videos will show up higher in peoples news feeds than the archived videos. So it allows your followers to see your Live stream easier.


Your live feeds can last up to 4 hours long.

Tips on Facebook Live

  1. Make sure you have a strong internet or wifi connection
  2. Let your followers know ahead of time and give them plenty of notice. Make the announcement a few times.
  3. Write a good description of what your video will be about before going live.
  4. Ask followers to subscribe to your live notifications.
  5. Respond to questions live.
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What could you possible go Live about???

  1. Be Educational
    1. What information can you share with others?
  2. Be Fun
  3. Be Informative

Possible Ideas

  1. If you are an author, read your book or talk about your process.
  2. If you are an editor, share some tips on editing or writing.
  3. If you are a florist, share some tips on how to take care of a floral arrangement.
  4. If you are a healer of some type or coach, share tips on health.


I will be testing it out myself and offering a few hours of open question and answer on various topics. Make sure to follow me on Facebook to get more information on when.

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